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Bryan Barrish is President of SIR Management, Inc., dedicated husband and father of 4, entrepreneur, sports enthusiast.

"If nothing changes, nothing changes." - Bryan G. Barrish

Bryan G. Barrish - SIR Management

Bryan G. Barrish

Bryan Barrish is President and CEO of SIR Management, Inc. SIR Management is a privately held health care company that provides consultation services to nursing and rehabilitation facilities within Illinois. These services range from providing consultation on operational oversight, quality assurance, compliance oversight, and billing functions of Medicaid and Medicare services.



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Regency Rehabilitation Center
"The Jewel of Niles
July 2011

Calling it Regency’s “New Beginning” and “The Jewel of Niles,” President Bryan Barrish states “Our facility has always had a stellar reputation as it relates to the care and services we provide to our residents, and now the surroundings of our home match that level of care.”  Barrish added, “We have been very thoughtful in our approach in designing spaces that support a sense of community while improving our residents’ quality of life - dining rooms, rehabilitation areas, resident movie theater space, library, resident rooms and much more.” (Read More)