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Bryan Barrish is President of SIR Management, Inc., dedicated husband and father of 4, entrepreneur, sports enthusiast.

"If nothing changes, nothing changes." - Bryan G. Barrish

Bryan G. Barrish - SIR Management

Bryan G. Barrish Biography

Bryan Barrish is a shareholder and officer of SIR Management, Inc., which was established in 1991. Mr. Barrish is responsible for the oversight of SIR Management and the thirteen long-term care facilities under consulting agreements. Bryan directs and plans the growth and development of those facilities and makes key decisions concerning marketing, government regulations, finance, mergers, acquisitions and contracts. SIR Management’s clients have a licensed capacity of 2,651 beds.

In addition to his career in the health care industry, Mr. Barrish has created and developed ownership in an ice sports arena, invested in ownership of multiple automobile dealerships, as well as real estate interests.

Prior to establishing SIR Management, Inc., Bryan Barrish served as administrator of 6 different long-term care facilities for the mentally ill and geriatric populations.. Bryan was responsible for the oversight, management and operations. These skilled nursing facilities and psychiatric care facilities ranged from 95 – 198 beds.

  • Bryn Mawr Care
  • Highland Park Health Care
  • Wilson Care
  • Quality Health Care
  • Spring Meadows Nursing Center
  • Rogers Park Nursing Center

George Washington University, Washington DC
Associates Degree in Nursing Home Administration

Bryan G. Barrish has been committed to improving the quality of life and level of care available to the senior population and those needing mental health care throughout his career. This commitment became even stronger when he created SIR Management.  He has striven to upgrade those facilities under his care so that the facilities, amenities and communities into which families entrust their loved ones are providing high quality services, are affordable, and high caliber.