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Bryan Barrish is President of SIR Management, Inc., dedicated husband and father of 4, entrepreneur, sports enthusiast.

"If nothing changes, nothing changes." - Bryan G. Barrish

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October 2011 - SIReader Newsletter

Bryan Barrish Announces The Burton Behr Memorial - SIR Management Employee of the Year Award

Collectively, we have over 2200 employees within SIR Management’s consulting facilities.  Each and every employee plays a role in the success (or failure) of a facility.  I see this when I visit facilities; the CNA who spends a little extra time with a resident who is nervous about her upcoming Doctor visit, the Activity Aide who works one on one with a resident who doesn't’t like to participate in group activities, and the housekeeper who talks and visits with residents while he cleans their rooms.  All of them are examples of a good employees, and employees we are proud to have working with us. 

In addition to the good employees often there are the exceptional employees - the employees who not only go above and beyond, but will do whatever they need to do to make the lives of our residents better; the CNA who shops resale shops on her own time to gather winter coats for residents that don’t have one, the Nurse who walked several miles to get to work in a snowstorm, the PRSC who tirelessly works with a resident to find their long-lost loved one before the resident dies.  These are examples of exceptional employees.  Employees who not only give a 100% but are giving 110%.  When I hear about these employees and their stories it warms my heart and reminds me why I got into this business years ago - to make a difference in the lives of others and these employees surely do make a difference. 

Each year our facilities select an employee of the year from the winners of the facility’s employee of the month.  These dedicated,  hard working people are staff members to be proud of and honored.  Each Administrator submits a summary of why they believe their employee should become the SIR Management Employee of the Year, now established in 2011 called The Burton Behr Memorial - SIR Management Employee of the Year Award

Burton Behr was a friend, mentor, partner and my brother-in-law who worked for SIR Management and died in 2010.  Burton understood well the value of good and exceptional employees and continued to push our facilities to providing the best customer service in every area within our operation.  The renaming of this award is my “tip of my hat” to a gentleman who understood our business, and that you can’t have good customer services without good employees.  

I look forward to reading and meeting this year’s nominees during the holiday season. 

Bryan Barrish
President, SIR Management

June 2011 - SIReader Newsletter

Last year I made a commitment to myself and all of you to visit the facilities that SIR Management consults to more often in hopes of seeing first-hand the caring facilities we have in our group.  I must say I am pleased and proud to be associated with each one of our facilities.  In my travels I have met staff, residents, and family members alike and have asked all I meet  “can we do a better job?”  Of course there is always room for improvement.  Some comments are about the food, some about the physical plant, and some about the way we deliver care.   I take each comment seriously and as a challenge, how can we improve?  The nursing home that operates today is not the nursing home I was the Administrator of 20 years ago.  We must all challenge ourselves - how can we do better?  We must rise to the challenge of better food, more pleasing physical environments, and yes, different and better ways to deliver care and meet the needs of our residents. So as you go to answer that resident’s call light, or go to clean a residents room, or prepare lunch today, ask yourself “how can I do better?”  Share your ideas with your Administrator.  A home (nursing homes included) is only as good as its foundation- YOU are the foundation.   

On behalf of all of us here at SIR Management, have a safe and fun summer.

Bryan Barrish
President, SIR Management

Summer 2010 - SIReader Newsletter

Welcome to the Summer issue of the SIReader and my first letter of welcome within it. Over the past year I have been visiting the facilities SIR Management consults to, in an effort to work with the Administrators and SIR staff in developing our business - caring for people.  Some of my focus has been spent upgrading the physical plant of our facilities.  Whether you’re at Albany Care and will be seeing a newly remodeled theater, at Greenwood Care seeing the installation of an emergency generator, or at Columbus Park or Elmwood Care where there is hardly an untouched surface in both facilities, my goal is to update and upgrade the SIR facilities so that residents are pleased to live in them and employees are proud to work in them.  We all need to focus our energies on making what we do - better.  We work in a very competitive environment.  We need to provide better care, we need to provide better services, we need to be a cleaner, brighter facility if we want to keep our residents happy and from going across the street or down the block to another facility.  I’ll do my part and I know you will do yours. 

Have a great and safe summer!

Bryan G. Barrish
President, SIR Management

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